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"After I received my training, it opened up my eyes. I went from doing no deals, to doing as many as 10 deals at once. I now have my own business doing something I love and working towards a brighter future for myself and my family!"

Antonio Lopez
, Antlop Investments

"Through this program my business has been able to evolve and succeed because I have had access to the most relevant tools and expertise available to anyone who is serious about building or expanding their real estate investment business!"

Violet Perez
Co-Owner, TrueBuy Properties

"While the financial gain is a definite benefit, what has been equally important for me are the connections that I've gained, resources I've acquired and a sense of gratification that one can only get by pursuing your life's true purpose."

Nicole Beal
, M & N Investment Properties LLC


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Student Testimonials

Glowing 5 Star Reviews

I must say that being a complete newbie to real estate investing, I have been exposed to much that I wasn’t initially aware of. Anish and his team do take the time to educate those who are interested in learning the industry. Denise and Lucian (mentors) are extremely helpful and do take the time to work with new investors. Thank you for going the extra mile in making a difference!

Umma Kannayan

Great Real estate Investment education for the novice or the super experienced investor. Great group of people and great diversity of topics to keep you current in today's real estate market.

Vicki Matters

BPM Mentoring Program is a no brainer you find the deals and they put up the money for the deals. The profits are split with the mentee. This process involves research and the mentoring program includes a lot of materials which is helpful in the real estate investors business. Keep in mind knowledge is power what you put in what you get out of it. Good luck to those who decide to participate in it. Face your fears

Patrice Gibbons

If you want to get started in Real Estate investment, Anish and the BPM REIA team are THE people to go to. Two years ago I didn't even know how a closing worked. Today I have a full business constantly closing deals and branching out into other aspects of real estate. You absolutely won't regret it.

Kyle Solomakha

The BREIA boot camp is an excellent intro into real estate investing. These guys are down to earth and so knowledgeable. They brought in great vendor partners and had student speakers who have worked with them in learning the industry. It was so valuable to hear the different perspectives & gain a foundational overview of real estate investing in South Florida.

Michelle Schweinsburg

I am feeling energized after attending the 2-day Real Estate Investment Boot Camp this past weekend. Highlights included learning various ways to invest in real estate, touring houses under renovation, interacting directly with general contractor and investors, participating in group activities, networking, listening to guest speakers and seeing the software application demo. The program was completely engaging. I can honestly say that I am now ready to move forward with real estate investing, something that I have wanted to do for the last few years. Forget the national and international mentoring programs and go with the local pros. I am looking forward to learning and working with the REIA team as I am now a part of the mentorship program.

Michelle Schweinsburg