We Know What It’s Like To Feel Confused, Afraid And Overwhelmed When It Comes To Real Estate Investing:

You’ve likely wondered if there was a coach or a program that could help you use real estate to build wealth. If you’re like us, you’ve experienced how complicated and time-consuming real investing can be. Not to mention risky. It shouldn’t be this way.

At BPM REIA, we get it. And we know exactly how you feel because we’ve been where you are.

Since 2013 our Mentors have helped hundreds of people just like you build wealth and passive revenue streams using real estate. We make real estate investing simple. Our Mentors, across a broad spectrum of real estate, are active investors who stay current with local market conditions so they can help you rapidly adapt to changes.

We are committed to teaching you how to use real estate to achieve financial freedom so you can stop feeling confused, afraid, and overwhelmed. Getting started is simple: 1. Book a call. 2. Pick a path. 3. Get a Mentor.

Once you book your Discovery Call, you’ll have taken the first step to creating the income and the life you’ve always wanted.

We believe real estate investing shouldn’t be so risky and complex. You deserve a simple, step-by-step system and a mentor with the heart of a teacher. We teach everything you need to know to successfully invest in real estate so you can make money while your sleep and build a financial legacy you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.

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Meet Your Mentors

Anish Dave

Anish Dave is a highly accomplished banking and financing professional with over 25 years of real estate experience. He has worked with various financial institutions and even owned his successful mortgage company. As a realtor, Anish has worked with large investment groups and non-profit organizations in South Florida, closing millions of dollars in real estate transactions throughout his career.

Born in Ahmedabad, India, and raised in New Jersey, Anish holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of South Florida. He has traveled extensively throughout Central and South America, gaining valuable insight into various real estate markets, including the foreclosure and short sale markets.

Anish is dedicated to staying ahead of the ever-changing market in South Florida and is constantly working on expanding his knowledge of real estate. He is the President of the BPM Real Estate Investors Association. He has been recognized as the Top Real Estate Investor of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals.  In 2020, Anish opened a real estate hedged fund called Diversified Passive Income.  He specializes in flipping properties, short-term rentals, and creative financing.   Anish has trained hundreds of successful real estate investors who have profited millions of dollars over the years.


Tarin Ward

Tarin Ward’s passion for blazing a trail extends across all of the roles, responsibilities and projects she manages. Her investors and students appreciate her drive and the diversity she brings to any negotiating scenario in her role with the Broward County Real Estate Investors Association (BREIA), in her personal investments and across the portfolio that she manages in the fund.

She currently serves as a Managing Member of the AIP Real Estate Group (AIPREG.com), a well-respected real estate investment company based in South Florida. Additionally, Tarin is a managing partner of DPI Fund and a Co-Sponsor of SFI Fund, which holds over 100 million in assets, raising money from investors looking to passively invest in real estate while making great returns.

Tarin also co-founded Women Wholesaling Houses (WomenWholesalingHouses.com), growing the group from inception to over 25,000 members. She regularly hosts meetings in ten cities across the U.S., providing an open, safe forum for women to learn investing skills and tactics.

“I enjoy the fact that each day is different,” says Tarin. “Each day brings new challenges, new people, and new adventures – real estate never gets boring!”


Victoria and Harry Diamond

Victoria and Harry Diamond were taken under the wing of the local REIA’s top Mentors in 2013 and quickly became the REIA’s top students. Their desire is to pay it forward and have mentored their own successful students along the way. Having a Mentor was and is critical to their outstanding success.

In addition to receiving recognition in local publications, they have been selected, out of 40,000 members nationwide, to be featured in the Fall 2021 issue of the National REIA’s Real Estate Journal. They have earned over $2 Million in net profit and many deals, including some students deals, had net profits over $100,000 each.

To this day Harry remembers what his first mentor told him. “Do the right thing and you never have to look over your shoulder”. They are grateful for their mentors and their network, comprised of family oriented, like-minded individuals, covering all areas of real estate. They remain steadfast in their goals and always do the right thing.


Lucian and Denise Reyes

Lucian and Denise Reyes worked over 25 years each in corporate America, with Lucian working his way up the ladder to a Network Operations Manager in the field of Information Technology for a financial institution and Denise as mid-level IT Finance Management at several Fortune 500 companies. Denise has also been a successful licensed Real Estate Agent since 2004.

As active members of their community they also managed and coached a successful Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Track and Field Youth Program for over ten years with many of their athletes obtaining scholarships to top universities. Two of their former athletes represented the USA Olympic Track and Field team in the 2016 and 2021 Olympic Games where they medaled in their respective events. Lucian has continued his Track and Field involvement where he is presently an active USA Track & Field Certified Official and Denise is actively engaged in assisting members of the elder community with their housing needs.

As active real estate investors, they have successfully completed many property acquisitions and their favorite activity is to “fix and flip” which allows them to transition a property with numerous issues to a gorgeous home for families to enjoy for years on end. It’s important to give back to the community so they have also helped many homeowners avoid foreclosure by providing them with important and strategic information to assist them to make the best decision for themselves and family while avoiding foreclosure.

Lucian and Denise are continuing to build a legacy for their family through various real estate ventures and they are excited about the opportunity to mentor students in the complex world of real estate to assist them to build a solid foundation and a legacy for their family as well.

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Michael and Maby Johnston

Mike and Maby have extensive backgrounds in both residential and commercial real estate.
Maby has managed over 100 large commercial properties throughout south Florida maintaining relationships with tenants and Landlords.
 Michael was a wholesale lender with the largest privately held mortgage company in the US.

They are both real estate agents and investors. Over the last 4 years they have sold over 250 Properties and are building their portfolio for residual income to be able to travel the world.
Their goal is to teach their students so they can fulfill their own dreams.

Anyone Can Do This

Stories Of Transformation From Our Clients

"After I received my training, it opened up my eyes. I went from doing no deals, to doing as many as 10 deals at once. I now have my own business doing something I love and working towards a brighter future for myself and my family!"

Antonio Lopez
, Antlop Investments

"Through this program my business has been able to evolve and succeed because I have had access to the most relevant tools and expertise available to anyone who is serious about building or expanding their real estate investment business!"

Violet Perez
Co-Owner, TrueBuy Properties

"While the financial gain is a definite benefit, what has been equally important for me are the connections that I've gained, resources I've acquired and a sense of gratification that one can only get by pursuing your life's true purpose."

Nicole Beal
, M & N Investment Properties LLC


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What We Do

Real estate investing can be overwhelming and scary. At BPM REIA, we offer private mentoring to make real estate investing simple so you too can achieve financial freedom and build generational wealth.

The ongoing education is endless, and as a result, hopefully your goals will continue to evolve and your success in the real estate business will increase. We serve Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade Counties and help people invest in Florida real estate.


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