Real Estate Investment Mentor Program

Making Real Estate Investing Simple

Our Mentors, across a broad spectrum of real estate, are active investors who stay current with local market conditions so they can help you rapidly adapt to changes.

One major goal of our real estate mentor program is to help individuals learn the fundamentals of the real estate industry and empower considerations towards real estate as a career path. Our program aims to develop wealth through investing in real estate. Our real estate investment mentorship program provides enrolled individuals with one-on-one guidance, networking advice, a direct perspective on real estate, and so much more!

What is a Real Estate Investment Mentor?

A real estate mentor is someone who specializes in offering coaching and advice to anyone who intends to begin a career in the real estate industry. As a professional, a mentor has years of experience in the field and is willing to guide you through every step of the way. They are teachers willing to share their experiences to ensure you go through the trials and tribulations in the process. At their highest level of achievement, real estate investment mentors provide new investors with the foundational education they need for success in the industry.


Benefits of Having a Real Estate Investing Mentor

Working with a mentor offers you various benefits. For starters, you will get a clear picture of where you want to be in the industry, as well as how to get there. Some of the primary reasons to enroll in a coaching program are:

Get You Through Difficult Situations
Introduce You to a Network of Mentors
Teach You Skills
Provide Answers to Questions
Get You Through Difficult Situations

Certain levels of difficulty are indeed inevitable, but a lot of mistakes can lead to the pursuit of knowledge with reflection and time. One of the best ways to learn from every mistake you make in a journey is to work with a real estate investment mentor. A mentor is capable of walking you through common mistakes that you may make as a starter in the industry. 

Our mentors are dedicated coaches with practical experience that ensure you have the information to navigate through difficult situations, both the ones that you will most likely encounter on the way and those you will learn from our teachers sharing their past mistakes. Our mentors will not only share their mistakes but will also help you walk through all situations by offering tips and advice from their experiences.


Introduce You to a Network of Mentors

Another important benefit of a mentor in the REI industry is to introduce you to their network of professionals. An established REIA is something that can help you out a lot in the beginning, our extensive list of corporate partners can help our students navigate every aspect of real estate investing with vetted professionals. Eventually, being part of an established network is the reward for a successful real estate mentorship, and it also is why it is so important to choose the right program.


Teach You Skills

When you dive into the industry, you will have to learn different skills that will help you along the way, hard or soft. Hard skills are teachable and measurable abilities, such as writing, reading, or the ability to use digital programs. On the other hand, soft skills are qualities that make you a good investor, such as your communication skills and etiquette.

A mentor knows the right skills to teach you for the specific area of real estate you desire. They can provide you with the right information to look for in a house listing when it's time to purchase one. While a real estate mentorship can improve one in the area of soft skills, the development of these skills highly depends on the student putting in the work. At the end of the day, a good real estate mentor can only help in shaping those traits to achieve success.


Provide Answers to Questions

Mentorship is like a natural bond between a mentor and a mentee, so there is every reason to feel free to communicate. Ask questions when necessary, especially because doing so will show your mentor that you care about them, the industry, as well as the success of your future. 

Assuming a difficult situation arises in the process, you may not need to ask questions at the moment if you observe and learn from what they do. Consider getting a notebook with you to help keep notes on how your mentor handles different situations, especially those that may come your way. When you organize meetings with your mentor, ask a few questions and break down the situation for them to understand. Answers only come when you ask for them, so, make a bold step to success today!


Gain more insight into the real estate industry 

Create working marketing strategies for your brand

Learn from their experiences 

Connect with local partners and other agents 

Understand everything about buying a home

Helps you gain more to stand above your competitors and achieve your real estate dreams in a short time

Find new methods and tips to capture and generate leads

A mentor is an important source of inspiration, confidence, and information in the industry.

See What Some of Our Students Say!

What to Expect from our Real Estate Investment Mentorship Program

As a student enrolled in BPM REIA’s real estate mentorship program, here are a few things you can to expect to learn!

How to run a real estate business

How to build a real estate portfolio

How to minimize risks in the real estate business

How to become a master negotiator

How to handle several tasks in multiple markets

How to buy a home using a proper cash buyer's list

How to raise more money for your transactions

How to build a real estate working team

How to legally make money without paying taxes

How to fill contracts with special clauses

How to find and evaluate off-market properties

Meet Our Mentors

Anish is always educating himself to keep ahead of a very dynamic market in South Florida. He has a vast knowledge of real estate and a specialty in short sales. He is now the President of BPM REIA. Recently he received the Top Real Estate Investor of the Year award for 2016 from the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).


Tarin Ward

Tarin Ward’s passion for blazing a trail extends across all of the roles, responsibilities and projects she manages. Her investors and students appreciate her drive and the diversity she brings to any negotiating scenario in her role with the Broward County Real Estate Investors Association (BREIA), in her personal investments and across the portfolio that she manages in the fund.


Lucian and Denise Reyes

Lucian and Denise Reyes worked over 25 years each in corporate America, with Lucian working his way up the ladder to a Network Operations Manager in the field of Information Technology for a financial institution and Denise as mid-level IT Finance Management at several Fortune 500 companies. Denise has also been a successful licensed Real Estate Agent since 2004.


Michael and Maby Johnston

Michael and Maby Johnston

Mike and Maby have extensive backgrounds in both residential and commercial real estate.
Maby has managed over 100 large commercial properties throughout south Florida.  Michael was a wholesale lender with the largest privately held mortgage company in the US. In the last 5 years they have sold over 250 properties in South Florida.


Victoria and Harry Diamond

Victoria and Harry Diamond were taken under the wing of the local REIA’s top Mentors in 2013 and quickly became the REIA’s top students. Their desire is to pay it forward and have mentored their own successful students along the way. Having a Mentor was and is critical to their outstanding success.


At BPM REIA, we know what it’s like to feel confused, afraid, and overwhelmed when it comes to real estate investing.

Since 2013 our Mentors have helped hundreds of people just like you build wealth and passive revenue streams using real estate.

Our Programs Make Real Estate Investing Simple
Our Mentors, across a broad spectrum of real estate, are active investors who stay current with local market conditions so they can help you rapidly adapt to changes.


Why Work With BPM REIA?

There are so many reasons to work with us, but what really sets us apart is that we from 100% of the money for your deals. We actively invest in the future of your REI career. We know our mentoring program works, we know each and every one of our students that enroll will be successful so we are able to cover their deals. Here are some other reasons why you should consider BPM REIA!

  • We offer 100% of the money for your deals
  • Get direct access to a network of professional real estate vendors
  • We provide unlimited support
  • We take on all the risk
  • Get 100% financing available for your tuition
  • We will work side-by-side with you on your deals.

A good REI mentor is someone who has the experience and knows how to get you to where you want to be in the industry. The education will take you further than you could imagine and will also serve as the foundation of your real estate career.  That said, it's very important to find a real estate mentor you can count on, as anything is possible with them. Choose wisely.


Is a real estate mentor worth it?

We firmly believe that a real estate mentor is worth it. The value a mentor brings is immense, especially for those new to the industry. Our mentors offer invaluable insights from their years of experience, help navigate challenges in the industry, and provide personalized advice to lead you towards success. They stay up to date with local market conditions and give a direct perspective on real estate, all to help you adapt quickly and efficiently

How do I find a mentor for investing?

At BPM REIA, we make finding a mentor straightforward. Our mentorship program pairs you with experienced mentors for one-on-one guidance. We believe that networking is crucial in the industry, so we also offer advice on building your professional network. Whether you're looking for advice at industry events, meetups, or online forums, we're here to guide you every step of the way

Is it hard to be a successful real estate investor?

Success in real estate investing can be challenging, particularly for newcomers. It requires market knowledge, understanding of financial and legal aspects, and a comfort level with taking financial risks. However, with the right education, guidance, and persistence, success is entirely achievable. Our mentorship program at BPM REIA provides the foundational knowledge and hands-on experience you need to successfully navigate the industry

Is being a real estate investor profitable?

At BPM REIA, we believe that real estate investing can be highly profitable. There are numerous income avenues, including rental income, profits from property sales, and property value appreciation over time. However, profitability can depend on various factors such as property location, the state of the real estate market, and the investor's knowledge and strategies. This is why we stress the importance of mentorship and a solid education in real estate investing. We're here to help you maximize your profits and succeed in your real estate investing journey.