Real Estate Investing in Florida

It's no news that Florida is quite attractive to a lot of people looking to purchase a forever home for the days ahead. But how convenient is it for real estate investment in Florida?

Many professional investors will agree that success in any real estate investment business will require you to have a strategy. It also involves proper market research and the necessary tools and resources that can set you up for success. Read on to find out more about investing in real estate in Florida.

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate in Florida

Florida has emerged as one of the top real estate markets in the US. A lot of investors work towards settling down in Florida because of its low cost of living, flourishing job market, and no state tax. Here are a few benefits you can enjoy from investing in Florida's real estate market:

#1. Affordable Prices

Florida is one state that enjoys lower home prices than the national average. Due to the many undeveloped lands in the state, you can expect lower prices. This makes investing in Florida’s real estate easier for new investors. One thing to consider though is that South Florida is quite expensive, but as for all markets there are deals every day!

#2. Economic Growth and Stability

The economy of Florida keeps growing because of the influx of tourists and the emergence of new businesses. The positive effects of long-term economic growth and stability make a positive impact on the real estate investment business. In other words, you get to reap the benefits of such an impact.

#3. High Inventory

Another good thing about real estate investing in Florida is that the market is not limited because of the high inventory involved. Whether you want to buy your dream home or you want to invest in commercial property, Florida offers properties that can fit your budget.

#4. Unique Lifestyle

The white sandy beaches and near-perfect weather make Florida the perfect destination to live and work. The unique lifestyle is a major reason many people migrate to Florida for real estate investment. It further increases the demand for housing and office properties in Florida.

#5. Favorable Tax Laws

Florida also offers several tax benefits to residents and investors, which creates a good working environment for businesses. Moreover, the state does not levy taxes on sole proprietorships and partnerships. Real estate investment will help you avoid paying state tax.

Best Places For Real Estate Investment in Florida

#1. Orlando

Orlando, located in Central Florida, is one of the best places that boasts residential real estate investment in the whole of Florida. Due to its perfect weather and low cost of living, it is a prime area for long-term leases.

According to Forbes headlines, Orlando ranks #4 in the fastest-growing places, making it a place for an ample supply of long-term tenants. More so, Orlando is home to Disney World, making it a good place to rather invest in short-term rentals like vacation homes.


orlando real estate from above

#2. Tampa

Located on the West Coast of Florida, real estate investment in Tampa is thriving as its population increases faster than in the U.S. Tampa's average home price and monthly rent are below the average national value. This also makes a more consistent and stable means of generating cash flow for real estate investors. 


#3. Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is located in the southeastern part of Florida and remains the third most populous city in the state. Its year-round inflow of tourists and growing population make it the perfect location for rental real estate investments. With the state properties staying on the market an average of 42 days, the Palm Beach County real estate market is as hot as ever.


#4. Jacksonville

Jacksonville is the second largest city in Florida and is located in the northeastern part of the state. It is a rapidly growing city in which Forbes ranks as the 22nd best place for flourishing business and careers and a great place for job growth.

Jacksonville offers some of the best real estate deals in Florida. It also affects its cost of living, making housing more affordable and home values are predicted to keep increasing in 2023.


Jacksonville skyline

#5. St. Petersburg

The city of St. Petersburg, located in western Florida, United States, is a massive city well-known for its sunshine and pleasant weather. It's a popular city for golfing, boating, fishing, and swimming, with several beaches and waterfront parks, and museums. Real estate investment in Florida is interesting right now since it's currently neutral. 

This is good news for investors that want to find real estate at a fair price in Florida. While those looking to flip homes might be more at risk in St. Petersburg, strong rent prices make investing in rental estate a safe bet.

How to Find Investment Properties in Florida

Regardless of whether you’re just starting real estate investing in Florida, or you have experience in it, one major challenge you may face is finding the best properties in Florida. Here are a few ways:

#1. Foreclosure Rates

Florida ranks as one of the best states when it comes to foreclosure rates. As a real estate investor, foreclosure means opportunity, but investing in one is not easy. There's a chance you can get lucky at a foreclosure auction, but you stand to save a lot of time and money if you find distressed homeowners before they reach foreclosure could save you a lot of time and money.

#2. Multiple Listing System

MLS is still a very common way to find real estate or investment property in Florida. MLS is a collection of most of the properties that real estate agents are looking to sell on the market. When you search for a property on MLS, information about the property is widely distributed for everyone to see.

Finding a real estate property using MLS may be quite difficult as you have to compete with other buyers during bidding wars. More so, every buyer is represented by a real estate agent on MLS.

#3. Real Estate Websites

If you are in search of investment properties in Florida, networking and direct marketing are great moves. Real estate investors looking for multi-family properties may not be able to find this in the newspaper or the digital equivalent. Sellers of various apartment buildings and shopping malls will most likely not list them on the average real estate listing site.

What to Look for in Real Estate Investment Properties

Not all properties are equal. If you’re looking for a long-term real estate investment in Florida, you need to know what you’re looking for. Here are a few things to keep at the top of your checklist.

#1. Location

miami skyline at sunset

Location is an important factor when looking for investment properties in Florida. A neighborhood with access to plenty of amenities, good schools, parks, shopping centers, post offices, medical centers, and libraries, is your best bet when looking to hold and rent. You can get a huge return from the investment. 

#2. Low Maintenance

It's no surprise that some investment properties take more time to maintain than others. Low-quality properties have higher turnover rates and will require more work on your part. The most low-maintenance properties may not be a great real estate investment in Florida's market, but it's still a huge step.

#3. The Potential to Appreciate

A successful real estate investment in Florida is a rental property that appreciates. As an investor, appreciation works when you buy and sell the property. When you buy, look at the appreciation potential that you can get and how much more you will be able to charge for rent after a few changes are made.

#4. Valuable Numbers

If you are investing in real estate in Florida for the first time, you may be tempted to choose your investment property based on emotion. That's a wrong move as your tastes should not matter most. The numbers do.

Take your time to build a financial strategy before you buy any property, and remember that you're covering more than just the mortgage. You may also want to consider operating costs and property taxes, as well as the average vacancy rate.


Wrapping it Up

Florida is a great real estate market that is fast growing in America, and the places highlighted above are some of the best markets to invest in, today. However, knowing these amazing places alone is not enough. Whether you are looking for Florida investment properties for sale or the best place to buy a rental property in the state, conducting proper research is important before making any move.

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